Lavender Perfume™ 💜(Relaxing)

$9.99 Precio habitual $20

Our Lavender perfume contains natural french lavender essential oil leaving a natural and calming smell on your pets.


Our Pawradise Perfume contains the following benefits:

✔️Delays bath time
✔️Great for gentler brushing
✔️Alcohol free, sulfate free paraben free
✔️Cruelty free
✔️Long lasting freshness (5X longer!)
✔️Prevents damage to dogs skin & coat
✔️Cuddle up stink-free!

Organic Ingredients

Natural Coconut scent, Natural Pineapple scent and Reverse Osmosis Water

Relaxing Dog Shampoo Organic Ingredients


Easy to use for any dog breed. Just spray on and brush in.