Brand Rep FAQ

Do I get free product?

You're responsible for your first product - most of our reps are customers are already! But there are story images that you can use to help earn your first store credit commissions. These are found under "creatives" on our google doc folder. You earn your free products each month through your commissions. We also offer great discounts and bonuses to reps (see next FAQ).

Do I get extra brand rep discounts or perks?

Of course!  We offer brand reps 20% off. The code for this will be sent the beginning of each month (each month has a new code). We also offer Bonus Challenges every month! For example: Each Rep to get 5 orders with their code will get an extra $10 in store credit added to their commissions. Bonus challenges will be announced at the beginning of each month.

You're welcome to use your own 10% off code at any time, though! You will still get commission for using your own code. But please note you will have a unique discount of 15% that only your account can use at any time. SWEET!

How does my custom link work?

When a friend clicks your special link - your link will remember that customers even if they do not purchase something when they first clicked the link. This will help us monitor how many clients are brought through your Instagram page. But feel to share the URL as well!

For you to use the swipe up feature on Instagram, your account needs to have 10K followers. many reps use their link in their bio or DM the link. Be sure to include the full link we shared in our welcome bran rep email; it has extra characters appended to it that track their activity. Pretty cool, right?

Note: You do not have to use your link to promote. Your discount code will also give you credit for their sale. 

When do I get my store credit?

Each month I will send an email asking if you’d like to cash out your store credit. If so, you’ll reply to my email and say cash out. If you’d like to roll it over to the next month, you don’t have to say anything! It will keep rolling over until you want to cash out.

Will you feature my photos on your feed?

Please tag us in your photos and use the #pawlsfam hashtag so we can all see and comment on your posts as a community. I will also search this hashtag for potential content on our feed. 

By tagging us in your photo, I assume you are giving us permission to use on the feed. If for any reason you don't want to be featured on our feed, please let me know! FYI, I do apply a light-room preset to all my feed photos which may change the look of your original photo. 

While I can't guarantee I'll use every photo in our feed, I will try to share our Reps as much as I can! And of course, if it coincides with our social media calendar and match with our aesthetic. I will always share them in stories though, when I am able! 

How long am I a Rep?                                             

You can be a Rep for as long as you'd like! However, if for any reason we feel that you are ill-representing the Pawls brand, we have the right to discontinue your Rep account. If you'd like to stop being a Rep, just let us know, of course we hate to see you go!


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