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Moonstone 🌙 Dog Bandana

Original price $14.99 - Original price $15.99
Original price
$14.99 - $15.99
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Size: L / XL

Moonstone Dog Bandana Delicate light pink with stars, dots and suns all over. Making it a beautiful statement piece.


Camo Dog Bandana is a tie on dog bandana handcrafted and artisan sewn by Pawls for your furry friend. Which will make your dogs look fashionable and even more adorable.

✔️Our triangle-tie shape is an easy to tie on bandana
✔️It is 100% natural eco-friendly cotton fabric
✔️Fabric printed with vibrant, non-toxic, wash-safe inks

Our tie on dog bandana and hand selected pattern was sewn in Puerto Rico and are available in limited quantities, for a limited time only.

Each handmade dog bandana is made of lightweight and natural cotton. The fabric is super absorbent, breathable, and always keeps your dog comfortable. This dog bandana are not only fashionable but ideal for any kind of weather.

Fit and Sizing

Please measure your dog's neck to ensure a perfect fit. When in doubt, size up! If you have any questions, feel free to use the chat.

✔️ Extra Small : 11 "x 11 and fits neck up to 10"
(Makes a great puppy and small dog bandana such as: Teacup Chihuahua s , Yorkie s , Teacup Breeds )
✔️ Small : 14 "x 14" and fits neck up to 15 "
(Ideal for small dogs such as: Maltese s , Chihuahua, Jack Russell s , Dachshund s )
✔️ Medium : 16 "x 16" and fits neck up to 17 "
(Great for medium size dogs such as: French Bulldog s , Mini-doodle s , Mini-Aussie s , Corgi s , Boxer s )
✔️ Large : 18 "x 18" and fits neck up to 19 "
(Perfect for large dogs such as: Labrador Retriever s , Goldendoodle s , Border Collie s , Pit Bull s )
✔️ Extra Large : 20 "x 20" and fits neck up to 21 "
(Best one for big dogs such as: Golden Retriever s , German Shepherd s , Saint Bernard s , Malamute s )

Consult our dog size chart for additional details.

Our handmade dog bandanas are suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Please always keep your pawl supervised while wearing his de ella / her bandana.

Care Instructions

Safe washable dog bandana! We recommend machine washing in cold water, air drying, and ironing in a suitable setting.

Customer Service

15 days 100% back in store credit guarantee, which can be used on all of our pet products. We provide online customer service over our phone line and online chat for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our dog neck accessories, we can refund fully and unconditionally through store credit rest assured.

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