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¿Por qué mi perro se rasca, pierde cabello y/o huele mal?

Why does my dog ​​scratch, lose hair and / or smell bad?

If your dog 🐾 scratches from time to time, he has hair loss and a bad smell; it is not always a cause for concern. But if you notice that it is happening more frequently it is possible that he needs to be treated in time 🩺

These are some of the signs that a dog has itching, hair loss or a bad smell on the skin:

✔️ Excessive scratching 🐶

✔️Check or lick 👅

✔️Remarkable hair loss

✔️Redness and irritation 🩸

✔️Dndruff ❄️

✔️Play outdoors 🏞️

There are a number of events that can cause these symptoms and it is definitely a problem that we must address before it worsens.

Here are the 7 most common causes:

✔️Dry skin 🐶

✔️Skin allergies 🩸

✔️ Ticks and / or fleas 🦟

✔️Bacterial infection 🧫

✔️Fungal infection 🍄

✔️Play outdoors 🐕

✔️Using dirty toys 🧸

As owners, it is important to provide them with timely and pertinent care, since their good health will depend on it 🐩⚕️

Dog shampoos 🛁 are specifically designed to work with your dog's biological makeup. When you search your 🏪 nearest store, you will find a wide range of products consisting of unique ingredients and scents. However, the problem with some of these shampoos is that many are made with artificial fragrances and other chemical ingredients ☠️ that could harm your dog's sensitive skin.

That's why Pawls works a 🧴 shampoo for dogs that treats all symptoms 100% natural 🍃 and organic 🌳.

Click on the image to purchase the product:

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