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¿Por qué mi perro se rasca constantemente?

Why is my dog ​​constantly scratching?

One of the most frequent problems in pets and one of the main causes of visiting the vet 👨‍⚕️ is itching. Dogs 🐕 normally scratch a lot and, when they do it excessively, wounds can be generated, which can be treated with a anti-itch spray .

Itching is caused by one or more causes. Mostly they are due to: allergies, high temperatures or fleas and their bites.

How to detect allergies in dogs?

There are four types of dog allergies:

✔️ Environmental Allergy 🍃 ; when they are exposed to high concentrations of pollen in the air, mites and high temperatures. This type of allergy is the most common and it is very difficult to avoid them. But the symptoms can be controlled.

✔️ Flea Allergy 🦟 ; produced by flea saliva

✔️ Food Allergy 🍖 ; produced by food additives

✔️ Contact Allergy 🧫 ; such as chemical products with which they may have come into contact (cleaning products, plastic materials such as toys, among others)

T treatment and C tips U tiles

You can help your pet suffering from allergies in many ways, aside from medications and expensive vet visits. One of the ways to stop consistent itching is with a Anti-Itch Spray 🚫

Apply an Anti-itch Spray

This popular choice from Pawls Company 🐶 is a anti-itch spray which helps treat fungal and bacterial infections on the skin and also contains aloe vera, which soothes the skin. We recommend using it twice a day and combing after applying the product so that the result is more effective.

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Luznavarrorios - August 23, 2020

mi perrita se raca mucho y aveces se saca sangre.

Alicia Centeno - August 23, 2020

Estoy interesada en comprar.

Edwin Ramirez - August 23, 2020


Myriam Figueroa - August 23, 2020

Mi perrita se rasca mucho

Cynthia - August 23, 2020

Saludos tengo una perrita que tiene ese problema quisiera saber cómo pudo obtener el producto y cuánto tiempo se tarda en llegar soy de 🇵🇷

LIsa - August 23, 2020

I want to Know more about your products

Gelson Lugo - August 23, 2020

Comprar de artículos

Nelson Acevedo - August 23, 2020

donde se consigue en cabo rojo

Sandra Laureano - August 23, 2020

Donde puedo conseguir ese producto, para mi que tengo una perrita que es alérgica a la grama, cuando me mude a un sitio con grama a los pocos meses comenzó a pelarse y con ronchas rojas feas

José Ramos - August 23, 2020

La mía toma apoquel todos los días
Se rasca debajo de las patas constantemente. Sirve este spray para eso. Vive todo el tiempo dentro de la casa.

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